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Above + Beyond Volunteer Recognition: Lynda Morrison

LMorrison 12-17 The USGBC-Missouri Gateway is committed to recognizing volunteers who  contribute significantly to the Chapter, devoting time and talents “above and beyond” on a particular project or program. We are happy to recognize Lynda Morrison of St. Louis University, a committed member of the USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter Advocacy Committee.


Lynda was nominated by Linda Daniel, fellow Advocacy Committee members, for her work to support numerous congregations as they benchmark their energy use and implement energy efficiency projects.


Lynda has been involved with the USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter for several years, consistently serving as an eloquent advocate for the importance of environmental work by houses of worship.  Faith-based organizations own and operate over 400,000 buildings in the United States. Implementing sustainable strategies in the operation of their facilities allows congregations of all faiths and denominations to save money, reduce their environmental impacts, and exemplify the teachings of creation care.

Lynda has supported her own congregations, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church and First Congregational Church in Webster Groves, to benchmark their energy use in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager and then work to reduce their energy use. And she has worked diligently over the past several years to mentor other congregations to do the same.


Kudos to Lynda for her hard work! Volunteers like Lynda are crucial to our work to make every building a green building!

Above + Beyond Volunteer Recognition: Tom Miller

Tom Miller The USGBC-Missouri Gateway is committed to recognizing volunteers who  contribute significantly to the Chapter, devoting time and talents “above and beyond” on a particular project or program. We are happy to recognize Tom Miller of Energy Resources Group.


Tom volunteered at numerous hands-on Benchmarking Jams in 2017. He put his benchmarking and energy efficiency expertise to good use helping building owners and managers use ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, understand the results they got from the tool, and consider their next steps for improving building performance.


According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the energy used by buildings in the United States is responsible for almost 40% of our national greenhouse gas emissions. Locally, we see an even bigger impact. In 2015, buildings accounted for 77% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the City of St. Louis (2015 GHG Inventory).


Given their contributions to regional and national greenhouse gas emissions, buildings have a significant role to play in the urgent challenge of climate climate change. Benchmarking is a crucial first step for building owners and managers looking to reduce their costs and their environmental impacts.


Volunteers like Tom are a critical part of our work to support all buildings move forward with energy efficiency. Thank you Tom!

Above + Beyond Volunteer Recognition: Frank Eppert, Ross Watson, Kat Golden, Ralph Bicknese and Mary Fitzgerald

merged images 2.0The USGBC-Missouri Gateway is committed to recognizing volunteers who  contributesignificantly to the Chapter, devoting time and talents “above and beyond” on a particular project or program. We are happy to recognize five dedicated members who have served as Mentors in the Green Schools Quest every year since the launch of the program five years ago. They are Frank Eppert of ABNA, Ross Watson of Jacobs, Kat Golden of the Missouri Botanical Garden, Ralph Bicknese of Hellmuth+Bicknese, and Mary Fitzgerald. Thank you!

These dedicated mentors were nominated by Carolyn Green, our Green Schools Committee Chair.

Frank Eppert of ABNA.  We honor Frank’s commitment to the goal of “Greening” the schools he has mentored.  In his five years of participating with the Green Schools Quest, he has steadily grown the sustainability achievements of the Little Flower School from creating garden boxes to benchmarking the energy usage of their building to ultimately executing a plan to replace outdated light fixtures, one classroom at a time. Thank you Frank for going above and beyond to provide meaningful mentorship to this school and its students.

Ross Watson of Jacobs.  We appreciate the many hours of time and expertise given by Ross to the Green Schools Quest projects at the schools he has mentored.  He has been a participant all five years of the program’s existence.  His work with students includes conducting energy audits, energy benchmarking and monitoring CO2 levels to improve indoor air quality.  We thank Ross for his work to provide technical leadership and exposure to vital energy and air quality measurement tools for so many young people.

Kat Golden of the Missouri Botanical Garden.  Kat has been an invaluable team member during the five years of Green Schools Quest by promoting the importance of the program and educating participants along the way.  The schools and students she has mentored have benefited from her passion in developing waste diversion projects such as composting, recycling and waste reduction.  Kat provides a useful resource in the form of a “waste audit kit” that schools can use as part of their sustainability projects.  Thank you, Kat, for bringing your expertise and consistent leadership to so many schools.

Ralph Bicknese of Hellmuth+Bicknese.  Ralph brings a wealth of knowledge in the areas of building energy efficiency and all things “green” for schools.  He has given hours of expertise during his time as a Green Schools Quest mentor in the areas of building energy audits, reducing transportation energy usage, and construction of a winter garden.  Ralph often presents the Green Schools Quest awards to participating schools.  He has been a Green Schools Mentor all five years, since the program was started.  Thank you, Ralph, for serving as a true public advocate for the important work of the Green Schools Quest and the Green Schools Committee.

Mary Fitzgerald.  We appreciate the dedication and talents of Mary during each year of the five years of the Green Schools Quest.  She has worked with students and schools to increase their understanding and excitement in the areas of sustainable school practices.  During her work as a mentor, Mary served as an expert in establishing vegetable gardens, native landscaping and composting programs.  We thank Mary for her hours of service to the Green Schools Committee and the Green Schools Quest.

Within the past five years, collectively, these five mentors alone have helped students conduct energy audits, install rain barrels, benchmark their school’s energy use, kick-start recycling efforts and divert thousands of pounds of waste from the landfill, shift from disposables in the cafeteria to reusable silverware, advocate for conversions to LED lighting, install native plants and vegetable gardens, begin composting, monitor CO2 levels and improve indoor environmental quality – and more! We appreciate their commitment towards our vision of making every school a green school!

Above + Beyond Volunteer Recognition: Jen Thomas

Jen ThomasThe USGBC-Missouri Gateway is committed to recognizing volunteers who contribute significantly to the Chapter, devoting time and talents “above and beyond” on a particular project or program. We are happy to recognize Jen Thomas of Washington University’s Gephardt Insitute for Community Engagement for her leadership with the Membership & Marketing Committee!

Jen Thomas was nominated by fellow member and volunteer Jenn Derose for her leadership and promotion of the USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter.  “Jen is hardworking, devoted to USGBC, and helped to get me involved.”

In addition to her leadership with the Membership & Marketing Committee, Jen served as a Green Schools Quest Mentor for the 2014-15 and 2016-17 school years. She worked with Chapter staff and several participating schools to compile a series of promotional images for the Green Schools Quest.


Jen – thank you for your commitment and leadership!