People have gained knowledge, green buildings have been built, and progress has been made during the first 10 Years of our work. These accomplishments inspire us to look to the future, and imagine a region where every person can live, work and learn in green buildings.  What’s NEXT for green building? And for the Chapter? Check out the concepts below – or share your ideas with us!

Just Breathe

Indoor levels of air pollutants can be two to five times higher than outdoor levels.  Green building practices help everyone breathe easier.

Occupant Satisfaction, Health and Productivity

Think Big

What if all buildings in our region were LEED certified beginning in the year 2020? What part could you play in making that happen?

Get Involved!

At School

About 20% of the population spends their days inside schools. Improving their environment to positively impact health is the smart thing to do.

USGBC Center for Green Schools

Green Schools (K-12) Resources

Higher Education Resources

St. Louis Regional Higher Education Sustainability Consortium (STL-HESC)

Green Jobs

Can every job be “greener”? What does it mean to perform your job in a way that improves the environment for all of us?

Green Shadow Mentor Program

St. Louis Green Business Challenge – Green Jobs

Green Jobs & Green Economy Resources

Ideas, Meet People

Education will move us all forward, so we must focus on bringing together the green building ideas of the future with the people who will make them reality.

Monthly Chapter Programs

Event Listings & Registration

USGBC-Missouri Gateway Committees

USGBC-Missouri Gateway Speakers Bureau

It’s About Community

Buildings built with people in mind can actually facilitate healthier lifestyles. And when buildings bring people together, well then you’ve really got something!

Community Build

Green Health & Physical Activity

Buildings Give Back

Creating energy, cleaning water, filtering air, recycling waste—all in a day’s work for the buildings of the future.

International Living Future Institute

Resources on Building Performance Assessment

Resources on Cost Analysis of Whole Buildings

Inspire Action

We need people with a sustainability mindset—like YOU!—to roll up their sleeves and join us as we educate and advocate for green building and sustainability.

There are many ways to get involved with USGBC-Missouri Gateway!

Net Zero

Buildings that not only save energy but create it, taking themselves “off the grid”, saving money in the process…is it worth the investment? Can we afford not to? How can we educate and prepare ourselves for this opportunity?

Living Building Challenge

It’s About YOU

You’re what’s next! What do you think about these issues, ideas and strategies? Add your voice to the conversation.

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