You Light Up My Life, But is That a Good Thing?

For most of us, light has been something we’ve always controlled with a simple flip of the switch. The convenience of light on demand lengthened our days, and shortened our nights. But today, we are beginning to realize light affects us in more ways than we could have imagined just a few short years ago.

In this course, we will examine the non-visual impact of light in our lives and how this knowledge is changing the way we view light in our world.


  • Discuss and better understand the science of light.
  • Investigate the non-visual impact light plays in our lives, including on circadian rhythms
  • Review the WELL Building Standard and LRC Circadian Stimulus as it relates to lighting
  • Identify trends around dynamic lighting

Eric J. Haugaard
Director of Product Technology, Cree Lighting
Eric Haugaard is the Director of Product Technology for Cree Lighting. His career of 33 years includes a variety of positions primarily focused on advanced lighting systems development. Eric holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, with Post-Baccalaureate Program studies completed at NASA/Ames Research Center.  He holds 48 US and 16 foreign patents related to lighting technology.


July 30, 2020
1:00 – 2:15 pm

Virtually via Zoom
Registrants will receive login details prior to the event.

$10 for USGBC-MGC Members
$15 for Non-members

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