USGBC-MGC and City of St. Louis Release Energy Efficiency Checklist

Energy Efficiency Checklist 7.26.19_Page_1Together, the USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter and the City of St. Louis have partnered to release an Energy Efficiency Checklist.

The checklist outlines numerous opportunities to save energy, including no-cost operational changes, low-cost improvements, medium cost measures, measures to consider at replacement or renovation, and trainings and certification opportunities for building staff. The checklist also outlines resources to use when searching for a contractor, funding resources, and opportunities for recognition.

Download the Energy Efficiency Checklist here (pdf).


About the City of St. Louis’s Building Energy Awareness Ordinance

On January 27, 2017, the City of St. Louis Board of Aldermen unanimously passed an energy benchmarking ordinance that requires municipal, institutional, commercial and multifamily residential buildings whose square footage is equal to or greater than 50,000 to track and report their energy and water usage annually to the City’s Building Division using the free, online tool ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. Full details about the Building Energy Awareness Ordinance are available at

About the USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter

USGBC-Missouri Gateway aims to make every building a green building because everyone deserves to live, work, and learn in healthy spaces. Through education and outreach, we engage community leaders in sustainable projects that provide environmental, health and economic benefits in the region. Contact USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter to share your benchmarking and energy efficiency success story in a case study or at an upcoming event.


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