Congratulations to new Chapter Board Members!

USGBC – Missouri Gateway Chapter Board Elections were held November 6 – 12 and we are pleased to announce the results!

Three elected seats were available. Tim Gaidis and Jen Kissinger were elected. James Dice & Kim Eilerts tied with exactly the same number of votes – a first in USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter history! At the Board of Directors’ regular meeting, they determined that both candidates are valuable to the organization and created an additional advisor seat. James Dice will serve in the third elected seat and Kim Eilerts will serve in the Advisor seat.

Congratulations to all! We are excited to have James, Kim, Tim and Jen join the USGBC-Missouri Gateway board in 2015 – 2016.

Thanks to our outgoing board members:

  • Jaime Kelley (2 years)
  • Lynn Larkin (1 year)
  • Luis Naranjo (2 years)
  • Nancy Rodney (3 years)

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