Sustainable Tower Grove RFP: July 9th deadline

In preparation for the Sustainable Tower Grove – Power for People project, the Southwest Garden Neighborhood Association is seeking qualified vendors.  Sustainable Tower Grove is a Pilot Project for a Sustainable Energy Cooperative Purchase Program, where residential and commercial property owners can participate in purchasing specific technologies that assist with both renewable energy production (solar power) as well as energy efficiency (white roofs and energy audits). The program will significantly lower the economic barrier that exists for many to purchase these technologies, as well as provide a focused campaign to educate consumers on the technologies themselves and the economic benefits of a cooperative purchasing program. As part of the program, Sustainable Tower Grove is inviting proposals from qualified companies to be the sole contracted providers for design and installation for all Power for the People residential and commercial Solar Reflective Roof systems, solar systems, and energy audits.

Links to information about the project and application information are provided below:

Professional Solar Reflective Roof Installers

Professional Solar Services

Professional Energy Auditors

Information must be submitted by Tuesday, July 9th


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