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USGBC-MO Gateway 2012 Annual Report Now Available!

Learn more about USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter and what we were up to last year from our 2012 Annual Report!

View or download the full report here!

USGBC-MO Gateway Seeking Climate Action Intern

USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter is currently seeking one full-time intern for fall 2013 to work with one municipality on the Greenhouse Gas Inventory Module of the Regional Environmental Internship Program (REIP) – Climate Action Internship.

This is a paid internship. The Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventory Module involves conducting a GHG inventory and estimating future GHG emission trends. It is primarily a technical internship. It involves studying energy use in the major sectors of the local government’s operations and the major sectors of the community as a whole. Using this data, the intern is able to construct an estimate of the amount of energy used, its cost, and the amount of GHG emitted. In addition, using estimates of future economic, population, and energy intensity trends, the intern is able to construct an estimate of future energy use, energy costs, and GHG emissions. Interns will work directly with municipalities to develop an inventory.

Intern applications are due electronically on Friday, August 9, 2013. For more information, download the job description or contact Emily Andrews at 314-577-0854.

REIP Climate Action Internship was internship was developed by the FOCUS St. Louis Environmental Sustainability Implementation Committee, which was tasked with implementing the Environmental Sustainability Roadmap: A Toolkit for Local Governments published by Focus St. Louis in 2009. For more information about the Environmental Sustainability Roadmap: A Toolkit for Local Governments, see the full report here.

Rain Barrel Truckload Sale July 27th and 28th

In partnership with St. Louis Green and RainReserve, St. Louis’s annual rain barrel truck-load sale is coming on July 27th and 28th!

Collected for non-potable use, rainwater is a free resource that would otherwise contribute to pollution and erosion in local waterways. Last year’s drought was a stark reminder about the importance of conserving water.

Rain barrels are a time tested gardening technique for collecting non-potable water, and are popular among even novice gardeners. Just one-quarter inch of rain on a 400 sq foot roof space is enough to fill a rain barrel! The complete rain barrel systems available at the event will feature re-purposed 60 gallon barrels available in four colors (Gray, Dark Brown, Dark Green and Terra Cotta) and a RainReserve diverter made in Missouri.

The St. Louis rain barrel sale event will be held on Saturday July 27th from 10am -3pm at Weekends Furniture Only Outlet parking lot (6303 S. Lindbergh Blvd St. Louis) and Sunday, July 28th from 10am – 3pm at Weekends Only Furniture Outlet parking lot (14205 Manchester, Manchester). Complete rain barrel systems, normally $164.99, are available for  $99.99 when pre-ordered online for truck-load sale and for $109.99 the day of the event. More information is available at

Members in the News – Ralph Wafer

USGBC member, Ralph Wafer, was featured in the St. Louis Beacon recently for his work on a local passive house.  The passive house, located at 1455 Gregg Ave in Dogtown, is the first of its kind in Missouri.   Wafer worked as the energy consultant on the home, which uses of window placement, shading, and insulation to create an environment that requires very little additional climate control.  As stated in the article, passive homes are highly effective at retaining heat, and are therefore most popular in cold climates.  They have been slow to catch on in Missouri, due to warm summers and low energy costs, but this home will help to raise awareness in the community about energy efficiency and the potential of passive homes.  You can read the full article here.

Sustainable Tower Grove RFP: July 9th deadline

In preparation for the Sustainable Tower Grove – Power for People project, the Southwest Garden Neighborhood Association is seeking qualified vendors.  Sustainable Tower Grove is a Pilot Project for a Sustainable Energy Cooperative Purchase Program, where residential and commercial property owners can participate in purchasing specific technologies that assist with both renewable energy production (solar power) as well as energy efficiency (white roofs and energy audits). The program will significantly lower the economic barrier that exists for many to purchase these technologies, as well as provide a focused campaign to educate consumers on the technologies themselves and the economic benefits of a cooperative purchasing program. As part of the program, Sustainable Tower Grove is inviting proposals from qualified companies to be the sole contracted providers for design and installation for all Power for the People residential and commercial Solar Reflective Roof systems, solar systems, and energy audits.

Links to information about the project and application information are provided below:

Professional Solar Reflective Roof Installers

Professional Solar Services

Professional Energy Auditors

Information must be submitted by Tuesday, July 9th


Energy Star: Benchmarking Workshop

Sponsored by USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter, BOMA St. Louis, and Ameren Missouri’s BizSavers™ Program

 Why benchmark your building? How to accurately benchmark? What are the benefits of benchmarking? The BOMA Green Committee has developed this timely educational session on how to accurately benchmark the energy performance of your building and how to use that information to differentiate your building. Information regarding the recently updated Energy Star Portfolio Manager will also be discussed.

 The workshop will include the following:

  • Gathering necessary energy consumption data
  •  Inputting building data (and examples of errors to watch for) 
  •  Categorizing different space types
  •  Benefits of having accurate information
  •  2013 Updates to Portfolio Manager 
  •  How to apply Ameren BizSavers™ Incentive Program to your ENERGY STAR projects

Parking and breakfast will be provided. Please park in the Stadium West Garage off of 8th Street.

WHEN: Tuesday, July 23, 2013

 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM

WHERE: Bank of America Plaza Conference Center

800 Market Street

St. Louis, MO 63101

FEE: BOMA Non-member Rate: $25

BOMA Member Rate: $0

Class size is limited . . . register today!

Click Here for more information