Home Energy Efficiency – Free Workshop – April 14

In this one-day course taught by Dan Chiras, Ph.D., author of Green Home Improvement and numerous other books on home energy and energy efficiency, participants will learn many ways they can slash their or a client’s home energy consumption, reducing energy bills and improving comfort of their homes. Students will view numerous energy-saving measures implemented at The Evergreen Institute. Students will develop a ten-point plan to implement at home with the goal of cutting energy bills by 25 to 50%.

Topics include:
• How and where energy is used in homes
• How to identify energy waste in homes (home energy audits)
• Areas where the most significant savings can be made for the least cost
• Economic and environmental benefits of energy conservation and energy efficiency
• Key strategies for slashing energy consumption
• Hiring a professional home energy auditor and energy retrofitter
• Financial incentives for efficiency measures.

Who Should Attend?

  • Individuals interested in entering the home energy efficiency field
  • Energy professionals interested in furthering their knowledge of home energy efficiency
  • Homeowners interested in cutting their energy use, saving money, and reducing their ecological footprint
  • Builders who want to increase their knowledge of residential energy efficiency
  • Architects interested in increasing their knowledge of home energy efficiency
  • Students of architecture and environmental studies interested in learning more about energy efficiency
  • Educators wishing to learn more about energy efficiency
  • Utility company employee who want to learn more about energy efficiency
  • Building department officials, real estate agents, bankers, and insurance agents interested in learning more about home energy efficiency
  • Green building consultants who want to broaden their knowledge

Instructor: Dan Chiras, Ph.D.

Dates: April 14, 2012 at Gexpro in Fenton, St. Louis, Missouri. They are located at 1620 Headland Drive.

Time: 9 am to 5:00 pm

Cost: Workshop free; however, attendees are required to purchase the book Green Home Improvement by Dan Chiras for $40

To Register: Click Here

Materials Required:
Notepad and Writing Instruments
Lunch and drinks


Local Accommodations: click here

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