Members in the News – Lisa Thompson

Lisa Thompson of EcoScapes Sustainability Solutions, LLC and chair of the USGBC-Missouri Gateway Higher Education committee was recently published in the March 2012 issue of Retail Environments Magazine!

Daylighting: Designing for Natural Light In-store

DAYLIGHTING IS A COMPLEX COMBINATION of science and art. When executed well in a retail store, it can enhance the shopping experience, attract people to the store, and reduce energy costs. Daylighting design is all about balancing quantity of light, glare, and heat gain to create an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable space. Unfortunately, the complexity of daylighting design often prevents it from being addressed in retail environments.

Daylighting in a space can affect sales and even employee longevity and sick days. For example, if an area of the store is too bright or too hot from sunlight, shoppers will tend to avoid merchandise in those areas of the store.  And if the cashwrap is placed by the windows, store employees are forced to deal with visual and temperature stressors, which often result in headaches and other symptoms, reducing their ability to fight illness like colds and the flu, and ultimately resulting in missed workdays. . .

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