Members in the News – Jane Quartel & Ann Mack

Jane Quartel, President of Halcyon Shades of Habitata Building Products, LLC and USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter member, has recently earned the Flag of Freedom Award for her company. This recognizes hiring practices and participation in the Show-Me Heroes initiative, which was established to reach out to Missouri’s veterans and help them reconnect with meaningful careers. Congratulations to Jane, Halcyon and the veterans they employ!

From l to r: Mayor Francis Slay, Kevin Schaedler (VP of Sales, Habitata Building Products), Jane Quartel (President, Halcyon Shades), Nelson Kimmell (Accountant and veteran), Lt. Colonel Alan Rohlfing, Clarence Graham (maintenance and veteran)


Ann Mack, Executive Director of Trailnet and USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter member wrote a guest commentary for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that was featured on Wednesday, March 7. The commentary, “Designed to be dangerous,” is a response to the February 23 Post article “Walking is a lost ritual.” Ann’s commentary focuses on the dangers of roads designed for only automated travel and not for all travel, which would include active transportation such as walking or biking to transit or to your final destination. Read Ann’s full commentary here.

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