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Members in the News – Lisa Thompson

Lisa Thompson of EcoScapes Sustainability Solutions, LLC and chair of the USGBC-Missouri Gateway Higher Education committee was recently published in the March 2012 issue of Retail Environments Magazine!

Daylighting: Designing for Natural Light In-store

DAYLIGHTING IS A COMPLEX COMBINATION of science and art. When executed well in a retail store, it can enhance the shopping experience, attract people to the store, and reduce energy costs. Daylighting design is all about balancing quantity of light, glare, and heat gain to create an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable space. Unfortunately, the complexity of daylighting design often prevents it from being addressed in retail environments.

Daylighting in a space can affect sales and even employee longevity and sick days. For example, if an area of the store is too bright or too hot from sunlight, shoppers will tend to avoid merchandise in those areas of the store.  And if the cashwrap is placed by the windows, store employees are forced to deal with visual and temperature stressors, which often result in headaches and other symptoms, reducing their ability to fight illness like colds and the flu, and ultimately resulting in missed workdays. . .

Click here to read the entire article.

Congrats to 2012 Growing Green Award Winners!

The USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter is proud to celebrate and recognize the individuals, groups and organizations actively transforming the built environment while sharing their knowledge of green building and sustainable practices. Congratulations to another amazing class of Growing Green Awardees who were honored at the 4th Annual Growing Green Awards Celebration on March 29. Stay tuned for photos of the event!

Congratulations on 2012 Growing Green Awardees:

  • Emerging Leader: Citi
  • Education: Russell Barton – Parkway North High School
  • Restoration: Cannon Design
  • Innovation: AEP River Operations
  • Operational Excellence: Tarlton
  • Community Champion: Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis

See all the nominees and learn more about each winner below!


(From left to right: Russell Barton, Parkway North High School; Carl Karlen, Cannon Design; Randy Weller, Citi; Joe Brantley, AEP River Operations; Dirk Elsperman, Tarlton Corporation; Keith Jones & Tim Dolan, Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis)

Emerging Leader Nominees: Citi and St. Louis Artist’s Guild

Citi has made great strides in sustainability since 2010. By adopting the “Equator Principles,” they have made a corporate commitment to reduce GHG emissions by 25%, divert landfill waste by 40%, conserve water usage by 20%, achieve LEED certification for 15% of its global real estate portfolio and improve portfolio energy efficiency by 20% by 2015. Locally, Citi has 51 Green Team volunteers who promote the vision of “Responsible Consumption” through collaboration with the organization’s leadership, facility managers, food vendors and staff.


Education Nominees: Russell Barton – Parkway North High School; Butterfly Energy Works; Catalina Freixas – Washington University in St. Louis; Jennifer Loui – Green Education Foundation; Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville


AWARDEE: Russel Barton, Parkway North High School
Russell Barton takes a hands-on, interdisciplinary approach to sustainable education inside and outside the classroom. In the classroom, he developed a pilot AP Environmental Science Course for his students – which was a first in the school district and has since been offered at other schools. Russ recognizes the value of collaborating with the school, the district, the community and beyond to achieve maximum impact. Outside the classroom, with Russ’s leadership and support – his students have been national finalists in the Lexus/Scholastic Eco Challenge (where they created a plan to improve rain gardens at schools) as well as the Pepsi Refresh Project (where they proposed methods for enhancing the built environment with solar panels).


Restoration Nominees: Cannon Design, Green Street Development Group, Spinnaker St. Louis, Tiger Lily Development, Xiolink

AWARDEE: Cannon Design
When Cannon Design chose to relocate their office – they were presented with an opportunity that allowed them not only to reuse and restore a unique and historic structure in the City of St. Louis but also redevelop a Brownfield site and develop an interior space that supports the most forward-thinking workplace while still maintaining the historic integrity of the architectural features. Almost 99% of the existing walls, floors and roof structure were reused while 92% of the construction waste was recycled.  While many sustainability measures were taken during the restoration of the former steam generation plant, the one with arguably the biggest impact was Cannon’s commitment to reusing an existing building and identifying the reuse as an opportunity for creation rather than an hindrance of a vision.


Operational Excellence Nominees: Joe Abernathy – St. Louis Cardinals; Barnes-Jewish Hospital; Cannon Design; Graybar; Novus International; Tarlton

AWARDEE: Tarlton
In 2011, Tarlton took great strides that showcase their commitment to Operational Excellence. Though already housed in a LEED Silver building with improved performance, Tarlton installed a 25 KV solar array. This installation is expected to offset carbon emissions equal to planting 70 acre of trees. Three 10-foot ventilation fans have been installed (each utilizing the equivalent energy of a refrigerator light bulb) to regulate indoor air temperature. ‘Truck Tracker’ software is now being used to efficiently plan delivery routes to job sites and allows Tarlton to track their carbon emissions and plan for offsets. These are just a few of the operational practices that improve their triple-bottom line.


Innovation Nominees: AEP River Operations; Cannon Design; Eddie’s Bar & Grill; Perennial

AWARDEE: AEP River Operations
Boats, ships & other river-going vessels are rarely part of the conversation about the built environment. But with the launch of its “Go Green Project” AEP River Operations has changed that perception. At the heart of the project is the renovation of a 1973 towing vessel, the M/V Donna Rushing. This vessel was transformed into the most fuel-efficient, low-emission, energy-saving towing vessel on U.S. waterway. The extreme makeover of the Donna is the result of discussions between AEP mariners, environmental organizations, vendors and government agencies. The launch of the M/V Donna Rushing ushers in a new era of leadership in sustainable practices and promises to set the standard for all inland river vessels.


Community Champion Nominees: Great River Greenways District; Joe Edwards – Moonrise Hotel; Traci Sooter – Drury University; Straight Up Solar; Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis

AWARDEE: Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis


It has been said of this year’s recipient, that “…they are helping others to help others…” which is a true measure of sustainability: not only leading, educating and implementing sustainability but enabling those being taught to become the teachers. The Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis has worked with countless agencies to improve the sustainability of low-income housing and improve the energy efficiency of thousands of single family homes, HUD properties, homeless shelters and shelters for battered women, orphaned children and people battling addiction. Through rigorous efforts, including energy audits, energy modeling, weatherization, equipment upgrades, building envelope improvements and installation of air monitoring equipment for indoor health, the Urban League has been able to reach an often untapped audience to educate about ‘green’ and why it is important for all of us. And while they have said that that what they do may not be ‘glamorous’, it is endlessly rewarding.




Green Schools Engagement Event: Green Cleaning

Children, teachers, janitors, and other staff members spend a significant amount of time inside school buildings and are continuously exposed to chemicals from cleaners, waxes, deodorizers, and other maintenance products. Green Cleaning improves health conditions for students and staff, reduces toxins that can contribute to asthma which accounts for more lost school days than any other condition, and uses safer cleaning products which improves the indoor air quality.

Did you know that the state of Illinois passed The Green Cleaning Schools Act in 2007 which requires green cleaning in Illinois schools, and that in 2009, the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education developed and published a Green Cleaning Guide for Schools to help Missouri school districts employ “green” cleaning practices in their facilities?

Join the USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter Green Schools Committee to explore procedures for embracing green cleaning in your school. Learn how custodial and administrative staff can work together for the health of the students, staff, visitors, and building including. Take away practical suggestions that will make a difference right away.

Thursday, April 12, 2012
5:00 – 5:30 pm – Appetizers & Networking
5:30 – 6:30 pm – Green Cleaning Presentation
6:30 – 7:00 pm – Q&A

Belle Valley Elementary School
2465 Amann Drive, Belleville, IL 62220 map

Free for all attendees!

Click here to register online.

QUESTIONS? Contact USGBC-Missouri Gateway staff by email
or phone (314) 577-0225. 


Members in the News – Nancy Rodney & Growing Green Awards

Check out Nancy Rodney on Fox 2 New’s March 20th Precious Earth segment. Nancy Rodney, of Rosemann and Associates, serves on the Chapter board as our Chair Elect. She is also a member of the Advocacy Committee and was the chair of the inaugural Growing Green Awards.

Nancy is talking up the Growing Green Awards, coming up on Thursday, March 29. We are excited about this annual event and look forward to honoring those who are transforming the built environment!

Passive Survivability/Resilient Design: Adapting to Our New Vulnerabilities by Alex Wilson

Hosted by the American Institute of Architects – St. Louis. USGBC-Missouri Gateway Members are invited to attend at the member rate.

In 2011, St. Louis and Missouri area saw flooding, tornadoes, and near record snowfall followed by drought-like conditions.  Often the aftermath of these weather events cause more damage than the event itself.  The question arises, how can we design for both extreme weather events and the aftermath?  Is sustainable design really about designing for these conditions?  Come hear Alex Wilson, the editor of Environmental Building News, discuss the topic of Passive Survivability/Resilient Design.  Alex recently spent 8 months bicycling across the US studying how the weather affects our built environment and is in the process of updating his 2005 book on the subject, Passive Survivability.


  • What is Passive Survivability/Resilient Design?
  • How is Passive Survivability/Resilient Design related to sustainable design?
  • How can architects design in a world where extreme weather conditions become the new normal?

Alex WilsonSPEAKERAlex Wilson, Founder of Building Green, Inc. and Executive Editor of Environmental Building News

For more than 30 years, Alex Wilson has been a trusted voice on energy efficiency and environmentally responsible design and construction. He founded BuildingGreen in 1985 and launched Environmental Building News (EBN) in 1992 as the first North American publication focused on green building. He built the reputation, resources, and staff that today makes BuildingGreen, the leading information company on green building, publishing not only EBN, but also the GreenSpec Directory,, and LEEDuser, as well as providing consulting for a variety of companies for whom sustainable design is a core value.


WHEN: Wednesday, April 4, 2012, 6:30 – 8:30 pm

WHERE: Masonry Institute of St. Louis
1429 S. Big Bend Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63117 map

FEE: $20 for AIA and USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter Members
$40 for Non-Members



STLCC offers Solar PV installation courses beginning April 2- Qualified students attend for free

St. Louis Community College is offering a Solar PV installation course at their Center for Workforce Innovation near the Florissant Valley campus beginning April 2.  This 6-week intensive program will be offered Monday through Thursday 2:00 – 6:00 pm throughout the year, roughly every 7 weeks through January 2013.  Upcoming course start dates include April 2, May 29 and July 16.

Qualified students may attend free of charge due to SESP grant funding.  This is a veterans priority program, though other candidates may qualify as well.

Click here for more details or contact Denise Austin at 314-513-4612 or to register.



New Database of Residential Green Building Products

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), in conjunction with The Home Depot®, has launched an online green home products database. The database: is a special microsite within that features products geared toward green home building, many of which may contribute towards earning LEED® points and prerequisites for the LEED for Homes program, making it easier for homeowners and builders to find the products they need.

Currently, more than 2,500 products sold at The Home Depot are listed on the website.

“The LEED green building program helps homeowners measure green home performance across a range of categories, and products play an important role in achieving certification,” said Nate Kredich, vice president of Residential Development at USGBC. “This database represents just one of the many ways in which The Home Depot is advancing sustainable, efficient and healthy homes by supporting green building and green products.”

“As the world’s largest home improvement retailer, we want to show our customers that building green can be easy and affordable,” said Lindsay Chason, senior manager of Environmental Innovation at The Home Depot.  “We have innovative, environmentally-friendly products that make LEED certification simpler.  Now through our partnership with U.S. Green Building Council and their LEED for Homes program, we are simplifying the process of bringing healthier, greener homes to reality.”

The green housing market is growing rapidly, having tripled since 2008. Green homes, which comprised 17% of new residential construction last year, are expected to increase by 29% to 38% of the market by 2016, according to a report last week by McGraw-Hill Construction, a part of The McGraw-Hill Companies.

LEED-certified homes are energy efficient, conserve water and vital resources, and integrate environmentally preferred products into the design and construction of a home. Nearly 18,000 housing units have received LEED for Homes certification, a number that has seen significant growth in recent years. Fifty percent of LEED for Homes projects are classified in the affordable housing sector, echoing a trend found in last week’s report from The National Association of Home Builders and the Wells Fargo Housing Opportunity Index (HOI). The data shows that nationwide housing affordability rose to a record level during the fourth quarter of 2011.

The USGBC and The Home Depot product database was a subject of intense interest during Modernism Week in California last month and debuted as part of the TED Conference during which Steve Glenn, CEO of LivingHomes, a LEED home builder since 2006 and the builder of the first LEED Platinum home in the nation, showcased LivingHome C6. C6 is the first affordable housing line from the pre-fabricated builder. Once sited in their final locations, C6 homes are designed to meet the requirements of the LEED for Homes rating system. The home was designed as part of a new partnership with Make It Right, a nonprofit founded by Brad Pitt and renowned architect William McDonough to build 150, Cradle to Cradle® inspired LEED Platinum homes in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each C6 will help support the efforts of Make It Right.

USGBC strives to integrate the principles and practices of social and economic justice within those of sustainable building – ensuring that low-income families will maintain access to decent, safe, and affordable housing, even as society’s standards for what is decent and safe continue to rise.

Green building offers opportunities to reduce energy and resource consumption, enabling lower utility costs and critical savings for owners, funding agencies and residents alike. Green developments are also designed to offer superior indoor air quality to protect residents’ health and reduce health-care costs, and often provide better access to public transit and local amenities, decreasing the financial burden of transportation. The green home product database released with Home Depot will assist homeowners and green building professional to achieve these tenants of sustainability, health and affordability in their housing projects

Materials Sustainability Standards: A Comparative Analysis

Click here to view a list of Attendees (PDF)”

In recent years, the number of certifications, “eco-labels,” and standards relating to the sustainability and ecological impact of building materials -materials sustainability standards (MSS)—have grown at a rapid pace. The Materials Resource Center (MRC), an initiative at Washington University’s Sam Fox School, seeks to provide impartial and rigorous analysis of MSS. Presenters Hannah Roth, Charles McManis, and Meghan Lewis will discuss this pilot project and it’s goal to create a model for analysis of eco-labels and certifications which identifies what is being monitored and measured and to what depth those measurements go. The results of their analysis will be encoded in a searchable, user-friendly data set that provides a clear basis for comparison among different MSS.

Hannah Roth is a Lecturer at the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts and serves as Director of the Materials Resource Center. She teaches courses in materials and environmental standards.

Charles McManis is the Thomas & Karole Green Professor of Law and former Director of the Intellectual Property & Technology Law Program at Washington University. He has been a frequent visiting lecturer and paper presenter at universities and academic conferences throughout the world.

Meghan Lewis achieved a Bachelor of Science in Architecture at the Sam Fox School of Design at Washington University in St. Louis, Spring 2011. She is currently a research assistant at the Material Research Center at the Sam Fox School.

Submitted for approval of 2 GBCI CE Hours & 2 AIA/CES CEH

Wednesday, April 18, 2012
3:00 – 5:00 pm

Color Art Integrated Interiors
1325 North Warson Road
St. Louis, MO 63132

$30 for USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter Members
$50 for Non-Members

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Questions? Contact USGBC-Missouri Gateway staff via email or phone 314-577-0225.

Spring Fling Membership Drive!

Celebrating Existing Members: March & April 2012

Our dedicated members are working to make the region a better place. We believe that green buildings are a catalyst for a sustainable future, and that their impact extends beyond the people who enter them, to the broader community. Likewise, your involvement in USGBC-Missouri Gateway helps expand knowledge of green building and sustainability practices to all people.

Existing members who renew in March or April will be entered into a drawing to win one of two prizes:

  • Chapter membership extended one year for free
  • Gift certificate to Big Shark Bicycle Company

Visit or contact us at or 314-577-0225.


Members in the News – Jane Quartel & Ann Mack

Jane Quartel, President of Halcyon Shades of Habitata Building Products, LLC and USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter member, has recently earned the Flag of Freedom Award for her company. This recognizes hiring practices and participation in the Show-Me Heroes initiative, which was established to reach out to Missouri’s veterans and help them reconnect with meaningful careers. Congratulations to Jane, Halcyon and the veterans they employ!

From l to r: Mayor Francis Slay, Kevin Schaedler (VP of Sales, Habitata Building Products), Jane Quartel (President, Halcyon Shades), Nelson Kimmell (Accountant and veteran), Lt. Colonel Alan Rohlfing, Clarence Graham (maintenance and veteran)


Ann Mack, Executive Director of Trailnet and USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter member wrote a guest commentary for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that was featured on Wednesday, March 7. The commentary, “Designed to be dangerous,” is a response to the February 23 Post article “Walking is a lost ritual.” Ann’s commentary focuses on the dangers of roads designed for only automated travel and not for all travel, which would include active transportation such as walking or biking to transit or to your final destination. Read Ann’s full commentary here.