St. Louis Greenprint 2012

With the input and participation of over 80 companies and organizations, the St. Louis Regional Chamber and Growth Association developed the St. Louis Greenprint 2012 during summer and fall of 2011. Many USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter members were in attendance on December 14 when RCGA released the Greenprint. Chapter members also participated in the development of the Greenprint, which is an action plan for growing the St. Louis regional green economy.

The Greenprint has seven objectives – many of them apply to our vision and mission of transforming the built environment into a healthier, more environmentally friendly and prosperous place to live, work and learn:

  • Develop the region’s Sustainable Technologies Cluster, with emphasis on advanced energy technologies and sustainable building design and materials
  • Increase the depth and breadth of regional companies and institutions adopting sustainable business practices
  • Increase the regional supply and demand for green products and services and increase green exports
  • Spur entrepreneurial growth and innovation in green products and services within the region
  • Streghten the regional workforce for the emerging green economy
  • Restage the regional “green brand”
  • Enhance livability through regional sustainable attributes

Five initiatives have been identified for 2012 in order to move the above objectives forward.

  • Developing the Region’s Sustainable Technologies Cluster
  • Spreading Sustainable Business Practices
  • Accelerating the Market for Green Products and Services
  • Building a Green Innovation Network
  • Establishing a Higher Education Sustainability Collaborative

Each of these initiatives include several action steps. USGBC-Missouri Gateway is excited to partner with RCGA on a High Performance Building Initiative, which is part of Accelerating the Market for Green Products and Services. Previously, we partnered with RCGA on three-part High Performance Building Series in 2009 & 2010 that was very well-received and well-attended by USGBC and RCGA members alike. We look forward to enhancing this partnership in the coming year.

We are especially excited because the High Performance Building Initiative fits perfectly with a key area of our 2012 – 2014 Strategic Plan – focusing on greening our existing building stock. USGBC-Missouri Gateway Executive Director, Emily Andrews (pictured above) addressed those in attendance at the December 14 Greenprint release. She emphasized the important role of green buildings in advancing our region’s green economy. She also pointed out that USGBC recently announced that the square footage of LEED-certified existing buildings has surpassed LEED-certified new construction by 15 million square feet on a cumulative basis. (See press release.) St. Louis does not currently follow this trend and Emily challenged those in attendance and the High Performance Building Initiative to change that!

Look for more programming and educational opportunities this year from the Chapter focusing on greening existing buildings – at our monthly programs, webinars and in-depth sessions and in partnership with other organizations like RCGA. We’re already engaged in a great LEED EB:O+M Community Project Pilot with the Missouri Botanical Garden (thanks to generous support from a Wells Fargo Green Team Grant). Over 30 Chapter members are volunteering their time and expertise to assist with the certification process. The performance period is scheduled to begin on February 1 and we plan to complete all the documentation by the middle of May. We hope this project will create a model for pursuing similar projects with non-profits in the future.

For more information about or to download the St. Louis Greenprint 2012, visit the RCGA website at Or read the December 20 Special Edition of RCGAdvocate about the Greenprint.

– Submitted by Emily Andrews, USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter Executive Director


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