Top LEED buildings in St. Louis

Be sure to have a look at the May 6-12, 2011 issue of the St. Louis Business Journal, which featured a list of the 24 highest-rated LEED-certified buildings in St. Louis. Buildings were ranked by LEED certification level and percentage of LEED points earned, with a list information such as special features, contractors, and LEED consultants/engineers. The top 3, all earning Platinum level, are Alberici Office Headquarters , William A. Kerr Foundation Office, and tied for third are Crossroads College Prep-Science Wing & Library and Novus International Global Headquarters. All others featured achieved an impressive LEED Gold Certification!

In addition Paul Todd Merrill, of Clayco and Chair of our Board of Directors, penned the commentary in the same issue stating that “our collective actions overcome the perception that ‘going green’ is too difficult or too costly.” Paul also discussed the various achievements our city has made in green building, while challenging all who are contemplating a construction project to consider LEED certification, “and help elevate our region as a leader in the green economy.”

Subscribers can find the full articles in the St. Louis Business Journal or a link to partial stories here:
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