Above & Beyond Chapter Volunteer Recognition – April

USGBC-Missouri Gateway is committed to recognizing volunteers who have contributed significantly to the Chapter, devoting time and talents “above and beyond” on a particular project or program! This month, we are happy to recognize all members of the USGBC-Missouri Gateway Higher Education subcommittee, nominated by Tony Ruebsam for their myriad accomplishments over the past year!

Together with the Missouri Botanical Garden’s EarthWays Center (STL Campus Sustainability Network), the USGBC-Missouri Gateway Higher Education subcommittee played a key role in the formation of the St. Louis Regional Higher Education Sustainability Consortium.  Both organizations created significant momentum and cohesion for sustainability initiatives within higher ed institutions in the St. Louis region through the establishment of the STL Campus Sustainability Network (EWC) and hosting of quarterly Higher Ed Luncheons allowing institutions who have engaged in sustainability initiatives to share information and experiences.  From here, a sustainability consortium that would be led by the higher ed institutions themselves and would gain momentum of its own was envisioned.  Members of the Higher Ed subcommittee participated on the steering committee for the Consortium, contributing to the development of the Consortium and it’s mission: to connect the strengths, resources, and knowledge of St. Louis area universities and colleges, to advance collective sustainable initiatives that cultivate innovation, to eliminate non-productive competition, and to create a network that is more than the sum of its parts.

Additionally, members of the Higher Education subcommittee created and launched the St. Louis Green Shadow mentor program. The St. Louis Green Shadow exposes students to green jobs in the St. Louis region through a one day shadow of local business people.  Participating companies get access to local students interested in the industry without the financial commitment of an internship.  The program has been very well received and continues to grow.  Shadow and Mentor applications are accepted on a rolling basis.  The Higher Education subcommittee encourages you to consider applying!

While still keeping an active role in the accomplished projects of the past, the subcommittee is always looking ahead. On the horizon: college curriculum to transform the built environment.

Thank you to all of the members of the USGBC-Missouri Gateway Higher Education subcommittee!  Your creativity and action is making substantial contributions to support the Chapter vision and make positive impacts on the community.

The Higher Education Advocacy Subcommittee:

Chris Gordon
Christopher Manzo
Dan Rayhawk
Daniel Raftery
Hope Breidenbach
Janet Witter
Katy Mike Smaistrla
Kelly Pimmel
Lauren Talley
Lisa Thompson
Peggy Moody
Robin Morrow
Mike Ruediger
Ryan Spies
Tiffany Duncan
Tim Gaidis
Wanda Evans

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