University Turns Green By Design

An article in this month’s issue of Washington Magazine, a publication of Washington University in Saint Louis, describes the Universities efforts in going green. The completion of Brauer Hall is one of the university’s most recent achievements, achieving the coveted Gold LEED rating. Here visitors can use the dashboard or any internet-connected computer to track the buildings energy usage, solar and wind production along with other features such as water usage, heating and cooling consumption, and current weather. As of now 13 campus buildings have achieved LEED certification, and they are hoping to eventually certify 100% of new and restored buildings.

This article highlights the fact that building green now ensures savings in the future, in both energy and money.  In building green many other considerations were incorporated, for example native plants surrounding the buildings, designated parking spots for carpoolers, and the building’s proximity to the MetroLink station. Washington University believes that by taking these initiatives they will increase the learning environment, enhance health, and infect an enthusiasm for Earth-friendly measures.

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