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USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter members Tim Gaidis of HOK, George Fujii of Tarlton, Phillip Hulse of Green Street Developers, and Emily Andrews Executive Director of USGBC-MO Gateway have recently been featured in the March 18th-24th issue of the St. Louis Business Journal.

This article discusses the net-zero design of an office building by HOK, Hellmuth, Obata and Kassabaum. A net-zero building is one that generates as much energy as it consumes, and is a particular challenge for the St. Louis region due to the extreme climate and relatively low energy prices. HOK’s Net Zero Co2urt is (in theory) situated in the Central West End with a total calculated cost of $38.1 million, which is expected to paid for within 12 to 14 years. HOK is a leader in environmental design and has over 80 USGBC certified structures to prove it. The hope is that Net Zero Co2urt will be a model for future net-zero buildings worldwide.

Despite its lofty goals, this building design is a realistic project because it looks at the big picture. It will soon be featured in the upcoming green building presentation. “The lesson here is you can be extremely energy efficient if you are smart about design and if you let energy efficiency guide your decisions in every step of the design process.”

The full article is not available online, but can be found on pages 22 & 23 of the March 18th-24th issue of the St. Louis Business Journal. A summary of the article can be found here.

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