“Above & Beyond” USGBC-STL Volunteer Recognition – March

USGBC-STL is committed to recognizing volunteers who have contributed significantly to the Chapter, devoting time and talents “above and beyond” on a particular project or program! This month, we couldn’t be happier to recognize Helene Mathis of the USGBC-STL Program Committee.

Helene Mathis is recognized for her work on the Program Committee and Growing Green Awards Task Force.  Planning for the March 9th Urban Agriculture and Edible Landscapes program was a long process with multiple players and ever-changing goals.  As lead planner for this event, Helene has “guided this ship” quite admirably! In addition to the great job Helene has done on this program, she’s been a long-time and very hard working Program Committee member!  And she serves on the Growing Green Awards Task Force as well!

Thanks, Helene, for your commitment and hard work!

Previous Recognitions

February 2010
Vicki Woodside
, CI Select, USGBC-STL Marketing Committee
Christy Cunningham-Saylor, Vertegy, USGBC-STL Program Committee and Education Task Force

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