High Performance Building Session a Success Despite Cold, Snowy Day!

USGBC-STL and St. Louis RCGA soldiered on last Thursday morning despite weather forecasts and held the second high performance building session of a three-part series. This one featured three Chapter leaders as presenters and focused on the business case for green building and LEED certification.

Paul Todd Merrill, Marc Lopata and Matt Malten represnted the Chapter , their respective organizations and green building well. Between Paul’s excellent overview ofUSGBC, LEED and St. Louis’ green building succes, Marc’s convincing business case and Matt’s discussion of Washington University’s sucess in managing their carbon footprint by efficiently managing their buildings, I know the 50+ attendees found the session worth the snowy trip downtown!

Check out the presentations yourself:

And be sure to attend the final session on our High Performance Building session on Tuesday, February 2 on Greening Existing Buildings – Certifications & Incentives!

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