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“Above & Beyond” USGBC-STL Volunteer Recognition – February

USGBC-STL is committed to recognizing volunteers who have contributed significantly to the Chapter, devoting time and talents “above and beyond” on a particular project or program! This month we are thrilled to recognize Vicki Woodside, CI Select, member and past chair of the Marketing Committee and Christy Cunningham-Saylor, Vertegy (an Alberici enterprise),  member of the Program Committee and Education Task Force.

Vicki Woodside of CI Select is proudly recognized by Andy Carrigan of the Marketing Committee, for going “above and beyond.” When the previous Marketing Committee chair stepped down, Vicki accepted responsibility as interim chair and got the committee organized and moving. In the months following, the committee produced an exhibit booth, launched the new website, and hired a PR firm. Christy Cunningham-Saylor

Christy Cunningham-Saylor of Vertegy (an Alberici enterprise) is recognized by James Roseberry of the Program Committee for her enthusiasm and work on the Program Committee – especially for her efforts on the 2009 keynote program featuring Baye Adofo-Wilson, willingness to join task forces and sub-committees, and all around good attitude.

Thanks, Vicki and Christy, for your commitment and hard work!

Harris-Stowe State University’s Early Childhood Development/Parent Education Center


View a list of program attendees

Join us at Harris-Stowe State University for a presentation on challenges and successes in the design and construction of the HSSU Early Childhood Development/Parent Education Center, currently seeking LEED Gold certification. During the design of the project the Owner had yet to determine if the project should be LEED certified and at what level.  After several meetings to discuss the pros and cons of certification it was determined to pursue a Silver level when the design was nearly 95% complete.  Behind schedule and over-budget according to the Construction Manager’s estimates, the project team faced major challenges. Learn how these challenges were overcome and how the building is now expecting Gold level certification, while being completed on schedule and nearly a million dollars under budget. After the formal presentation, attendees will have an opportunity to take a self-guided tour through the building with designated stops including classrooms, the pervious paved drive, and rain garden.


Don Koppy, Vice President and Director of Architecture, KAI Design & Build
Mike Kozeny, Vice President, Kozeny-Wagner, Inc.
Constance Gully, Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs, Harris-Stowe State University






Tuesday, February 9
5:30-6:00pm Registration & Networking
6:00-7:00pm Presentation
7:00-7:30pm Self-Guided Tour






Harris-Stowe State University’s Early Childhood Development/Parent Education Center
10 N. Compton Ave. St. Louis, MO 63103
Enter on the east side of the building. From the east parking lot, walk up the stairs to the entrance of the east educational wing. Parking is available in the parking lot on the east side of the building, the former Vashon Center lot located on the corner of Compton and Market, as well as the Market Street parking lot.


Free to USGBC-STL members and students
$20.00 for Non-members

On the Eventbrite website
Questions? Contact USGBC-STL staff at (314) 577-0225

Thank You to our Program Sponsor!

Kozeny-Wagner, Inc.

Rescue and Rebuild in Haiti

While the current focus in Haiti is on rescue and care for immediate needs, there will be an immense amount of rebuilding to do. USGBC is working with the Clinton Climate Initiative to address immediate needs and promote smart rebuilding.

Thanks to the support of many, the Clinton Foundation alone has raised over $6 million in these few short days, but immediate rescue assistance continues to be critical. The Clinton Foundation has established a Haiti Relief Fund. For more information or to donate, visit the Clinton Climate Foundation’s Haiti Relief Fund.

To learn more about USGBC’s disaster relief and rebuilding efforts, visit the USGBC website.

Congrats to Crossroads College Prep on LEED Platinum

The official word is in – Crossroads College Prep has received LEED Platinum certification on their new Science Wing Addition! Congratulations to the Crossroads team for all their hard work. This moves the St. Louis Region’s LEED Platinum count up to 4 commercial projects & 30 residential projects.

For more information about the Crossroads College Prep Science Wing, see our blog post from last year. And for more about other LEED projects in St. Louis, see our LEED in St. Louis page.

High Performance Building Session a Success Despite Cold, Snowy Day!

USGBC-STL and St. Louis RCGA soldiered on last Thursday morning despite weather forecasts and held the second high performance building session of a three-part series. This one featured three Chapter leaders as presenters and focused on the business case for green building and LEED certification.

Paul Todd Merrill, Marc Lopata and Matt Malten represnted the Chapter , their respective organizations and green building well. Between Paul’s excellent overview ofUSGBC, LEED and St. Louis’ green building succes, Marc’s convincing business case and Matt’s discussion of Washington University’s sucess in managing their carbon footprint by efficiently managing their buildings, I know the 50+ attendees found the session worth the snowy trip downtown!

Check out the presentations yourself:

And be sure to attend the final session on our High Performance Building session on Tuesday, February 2 on Greening Existing Buildings – Certifications & Incentives!

High Performance Buildings Session 3

Greening Existing Buildings – Certifications & Incentives

Tuesday, February 2, 2010, 7:30 – 9:30 am

St. Louis RCGA Regional Collaboration Center
One Metropolitan Square – Suite 1300 (63102)

Please consider carpooling or taking Metrolink!

Join USGBC-STL and the St. Louis Regional Chamber and Growth Association for the third in a three-part series!


Transforming Missouri Botanical Garden’s Monsanto Center to a LEED-EB Building, presented by

  • Deborah Chollet Frank, Vice President of Sustainability at Missouri Botanical Garden
  • Michael Levinson, Energy Solutions, Inc.

Financing a Green Development –The Sheet Metal Workers Local 36 Training School, presented by

  • Phil Hulse, Principal at Green Street Properties
  • Brian Pratt, Vice President of Business Development at Green Street Properties

Overview of federal, state, and local green building incentives, presented by

  • Lou Brouk, Terra-Wise, LLC and USGBC-STL Advocacy Committee

Cost: Free

RSVP to: Sherri Bailey, St. Louis RCGA, at or (314) 444-1134.

This seminar is part of the St. Louis High Performance Building Initiative of USGBC-STL and St. Louis RCGA. The two organizations are working together to “green every building in our region”.

Nominations Now Open for Growing Green Awards

USGBC-STL is pleased to be accepting nominations for the Second Annual Growing Green Awards, which are meant to honor the people and organizations transforming the built environment.

Nominations are due February 23 to The Awards Dinner will be held Wednesday, March 31 at 6 pm (location TBA).

For more information, please visit the Second Annual Growing Green Awards webpage.

Green Business Challenge launched by RCGA

The St. Louis Regional Chamber and Growth Association (RCGA) recently launched the Green Business Challenge as part of the St. Louis Climate Prosperity Project.

The Green Business Challenge co-sponsored by Sustainable St. Louis and open to all RCGA-member companies. The effort is meant to inspire St. Louis area companies to take the first steps toward sustainable business practices.

The Challenge is open from January to November 2010. Scorecards will measure achievements in six categories:

  • Green Team Formation
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Waste Reduction
  • Water Use Reduction, and
  • Clean Transportation Options.

For more information, visit the Green Business Challenge webpage!

Building Performance Institute Training – Feb 1 – 5

Illinois Building Performance Institute presents . . .

Building Analyst & Shell Specialist Contractor Training

WHEN: February 1 – 5, 2010, 8:00 am – 5:30 pm each day
WHERE: Southern Illinois University – Carbondale
COST: Student fees are $1700 made payable to EarthWays Center prior to the star of class. Upon passing written and field exams students will be refunded half of the $1700 fee thanks to the Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity.
ELIGIBILITY: This class is offered only for students who live in and/or do considerable business in Illinois.

A Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified contractor is trained to provide whole house energy assessments and make recommendations for improvements that will make the home more efficient, comfortable, durable and safe. For more information about BPI, visit their website.

For more information, visit the EarthWays Center Home Performance with Energy Star website or download a PDF of the BPI Training Invitation.

Impressions from Copenhagen

Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope and and Frank Lorberbaum at Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change

Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope and and Frank Lorberbaum at Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change

I am back home a week now and still trying to understand what happened. I am used to attending conferences like the American Institute of Architects or US Green Building Council that are educational and entertainment opportunities. The Conference on Climate Change was an educational opportunity but the similarity stops there. This was a working conference attended by people from all over the globe that I believe care. They care first about their own countries future and I believe they all care about the future of our planet, some more passionately than others. They work all hours of the day and night. They are bright caring respectful people of all ages. Two thousand concerned youth attended the conference as observers.

Official decisions at the conference are made by consensus. The intent is for representatives of nations from all over the globe, all climates and all stages of development and wealth to sit down and reach agreements by consensus. These agreements are to be for the betterment of the planet regardless of their own personal interests. Can you imagine what would happen if decisions by our senate were made by consensus, every single one of our senators must agree before a bill is to be passed? I can’t even make an intelligible response to that question. The process is seriously flawed and must and will be reviewed prior to the next conference in Mexico City in December 2010.

There are six official United Nations  meetings going on often simultaneously during the two weeks, many into the wee hours of the night and they are:

  • COP 15 – the 15th Conference of the Parties (COP), signatories to the UN
    Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Treaty (192 countries)
  • CMP 5 – the 5th Conference of the Parties serving as the Meeting of the
    Parties to the Kyoto Protocol (189 countries)
  • Two Ad Hoc groups that have been assigned tasks by the Cop or CMP
  • Two technical groups that have been assigned tasks by the COP or CMP

In addition there are 135 side events (presentations by various businesses, groups or governments) and 200 exhibits. There are 5000 media representatives documenting everything that moves or might move. A daily program is handed out as you enter the center. It is daily because it changes daily. Monitors are placed throughout the center that show scrolling updates on additions and changes to the schedule that was updated and printed early that morning. There are also people outside picketing and kids running around the conference center dressed up in Polar bear outfits singing clever songs to Christmas carol tunes. At 6:00 pm daily an attractive young Asian woman named Hilge dressed like a mermaid allegedly emerges from the depths of the ocean to award the Fossil of the Day Award to a chorus of boos from onlookers called NGO’s. Naturally, Arnold Schwarzenegger walks by. Mandela is in another room chatting with Hillary. Get the picture? Total Chaos.

There were ambitious expectations for this conference. It was hoped that developed and developing nations would establish future emission goals that would slow down and then stop global warming soon. It was hoped that mechanisms for sharing wealth and technology with the developing and least developed countries would be established. It was hoped that the countries most ravaged by climate change gain assistance for adaptation. It was hoped that a legally binding agreement be forged. Bold actions from ALL parties to satisfy these hopes were not realized.

I do think there were some positive outcomes from the conference:

  • All parties acknowledged that climate change is real and we need to act
  • Honest open discussions between parties took place
  • Some developing countries established emission goals
  • China agreed to some form of inspection/verification, exact form yet to be determined
  • $30 billion was pledged over the next three years to assist the poorest
    countries needing assistance for adaptation due to climate change

The Copenhagen Accord (CA) was only “noted” by the conference. The CA has been agreed to by countries that are responsible for over 50% of worldwide CO2 emissions. The CA may develop into a meaningful agreement, and then it may not. In its absence the conference would have ended in total failure. Don’t forget that the Kyoto Protocol was presented in 1997 and did not take effect until 2005. It is still the only legally binding agreement by the United Nations Framework Convention Climate Change.

The US agreed to the Kyoto Protocol at the conference, only to have the US congress retract the offer. Only 39 of the 189 countries under the Kyoto Protocol have any tangible responsibilities under the protocol, many of which are not living up to their commitments. There are no consequences for not living up to their commitment. The developing nations not only create the most green house gases (GHG) annually but are predicted to have the greatest annual growth in GHG emissions as well. They have no responsibilities under the Kyoto Protocol.

I think progress has been made at Copenhagen in 2009, but not as much as we had hoped. I think our planet is eager for a major country to step up and take the leadership role in the battle against climate change. I believe the present administration in Washington is ready and able to accept that role if it has the support of our legislature and our people. With strong support maybe the US can provide that leadership role at COP !6 in Mexico City in 2010.

– Submitted by Frank Lorberbaum. Frank is a long time member of USGBC-STL, former board member and former Green Homes Subcommittee Chair. He served as the Sierra Club delegate to the Copenhagen Conference.