Crossroads College Prep Pursues LEED Platinum

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend an open house at Crossroads College Prep’s new Science Wing. I’ll tell you what, those kids are lucky to attend school in such a lovely space. Skylights and tall windows grace the addition – I’m pretty sure these students may even enjoy going to school!

I was lucky enough to attend both grade school and high school in buildings with significant daylighting and views to the outside since old and historic buildings often provide both. My classrooms, however, were so hot in January that we had to crack the windows. Probably not the most energy efficient solution! And indoor air quality and green cleaning products were not on too many radar screens.

Signage in the lobby of Crossroad's new science wing explaining LEED.

Signage in the lobby of Crossroads

Since students were involved in the planning of the new space, it includes a lot of great “hanging out” space. The new Library features lots of comfy seating as well as tall windows that reduce glare and have high insulating value. The labs are not only state of the art, roomy and open, but also feature solar hot water heating. And the garden outside does double duty – it looks beautiful, featuring plants native to Missouri and helps reduce stormwater run off.

The open house featured remarks from school officials, parents and students and it is quite clear from the remarks and from the conversations at the open house that everyone is very proud of the new space!

Learn more about Crossroads College Prep’s green efforts. And get a peek of the space for yourself at our No Cost Ways to Green Your Schools program on October 28!

– Submitted by Emily Andrews, USGBC-STL Executive Director

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