News on new tiered LEED Professional Credentials

Did you know that USGBC’s sister organization, the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) now oversees the new tiered LEED professional credentials? Under the new tiered LEED Credentialing program, you can become a LEED Green Associate, a LEED AP with a specialty or a LEED Fellow. The LEED Green Associate, LEED AP-Operations and Maintenance and LEED AP-Homes exams are currently offered and registration is available online at the GBCI website. The LEED AP-Interior Design and Construction and LEED AP-Building Design & Construction exams are not currently available, but will be soon. The LEED AP-Neighborhood Development exam will debut in 2010 and the LEED Fellow program is still in development.

New features of the tiered LEED Credentialing program include eligibility and continuing education requirements. LEED AP applicants are required to have documented experience working on a LEED project within the last three years in order to be eligible to take any of the LEED AP specialty exams. If you don’t have experience on a LEED project, you might consider taking the LEED Green Associate Exam which does not carry this requirement. In addition, all LEED Green Associates and LEED APs will be required to agree to credentialing maintenance guidelines. This will ensure that credentialed LEED professionals stay current in their knowledge of green building and LEED. Keep your eyes peeled later this summer for more information from GBCI on the Credentialing Maintenance Program.

For an overview of the new tiered LEED Professional Credentials, visit the GBCI website.

For a Step-By-Step guide on LEED Credentialing Process, check out the GBCI website.

For information on preparing for a LEED exam, see the USGBC site.

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