Green Schools (K-12)

USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter’s
Green Schools Resource Binder

This document provides descriptions and links to resources to help your school understand the basics of going green and how to get started – This is a MUST READ!!

Presentations from A Case for Sustainability, the 2011 Annual Green Schools Event
Keynote: The Nation’s First Net-Zero Energy Elementary School (PDF)
ENERGY STAR Advantage, Bayless High School, A Case Study (PDF)
Wyland Knocks Out Waste! (PDF)
Hoech Middle School Green Club
St. Louis County School Districts Enterprise Sustainability Platform (PDF)
River Kids: Empowering Students to Make A Difference (PDF)
Changing Urban Educational Outcomes by Changing Environments (PDF)
Beyond Recycling: Sustainability in Schools 2.0 (PDF)

Presentations from Green Your Existing School, the 2010 USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter Green Schools Event:
Session: Saving Energy and Money for Your School using ENERGY STAR
ENERGY STAR and K-12 Schools, Jack Burnette, EPA

Session: Funding Energy Efficient Building Improvements
Overview of Federal, State and Local Incentives, Lou Brouk, Terra-Wise
Paid from Savings, Susan Noeth, Schneider Electric
Financing Green & Solar Development for Schools & Nonprofits, William Carson, McCormack Baron Salazar & Sunwheel Energy Partners

Session: Incorporating Sustainability into Your Existing Curriculum
Sustainable Efforts at The College School, Tim Wood, The College School
Incorporating Sustainability into Your Existing Curriculum, Katy Mike Smaistrla, Missouri Botanical Garden’s EarthWays Center

Session: Creating a Healthy Learning Environment
Air Quality in a School Setting, Juliette Travous, Parkway School District
Creating Healthy Learning Environments, Steve Andert, Jim Hiltrop, and Bruce Levitt, William Tao & Assoc.

Session: Green Resources for your School
MRH Seed to Table:  A School Based Sustainability Program, Debi Gibson, Maplewood-Richmond Heights School District
Green Cleaning, Mike Mosher, Pure Green Solutions
Green School Audit, Beth Mosher, St. Michael School of Clayton

Closing: The Road to a Green District, Erik Lueders, Parkway School District & Chair of the USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter Green Schools Subcommittee

Please check back for Keynote Presentation: LEED EB: O&M for k-12 Schools

USGBC’s Green School Buildings website
Learn what makes green schools better for students. Learn about LEED, the national benchmark for high-performance schools. Find videos, research, case studies and other resources.

LEED for Schools

LEED for Schools FAQ

LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance

USGBC-STL’s Green Policy Recommendations for Schools

USGBC-STL’s Roadmap for Greening Your School – 10 No-Cost Ways to Green Your School

USGBC-STL’s 2009 Green Schools Event
Links to view the event’s presentations.

Advanced Energy Design Guide for K-12 School Buildings (ASHRAE)

Alliance to Save Energy’s Green Schools Program
Focused on school districts looking to make their existing buildings more efficient. Helpful guidelines for starting a program that engages students in creating energy-saving activities in their schools, using hands-on, real-world projects.

Blueprint for a Green School
Resource Guide developed by the Center for Environmental Education that is divided into ten sections: Energy, Water, Food, Transportation, Procurement, Recycling and Waste Management, Green Building, Maintenance, Curriculum and Environmental Health.

Collaborative for High Performance Schools
Based upon standards developed for California’s public schools. The Best Practices Manual is a good standard reference for high performance school design.

EnergySmart Schools
U.S. DOE program offering training workshops, publications, recognition, direct technical assistance, financing options, and a host of other resources toward making school facilities more energy efficient.

ENERGY STAR for K-12 School Districts
EPA program that assists facilities decision-makers in improving their school’s energy performance and labeling their buildings as Energy Star certified.

EPA Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools
The IAQ Tools for Schools Program is a comprehensive resource to help schools maintain a healthy environment in school buildings by identifying, correcting, and preventing IAQ problems.

Farm to School

Green My Parents Kit
is a peer-to-peer youth movement that teaches kids how to create savings from electricity & water bills and negotiate for their fair share of the money.

GreenMyParents is a peer-to-peer youth movement that teaches
kids how to create savings from electricity & water bills and
negotiate for their fair share of the money

Green Schools Alliance

Greening America’s Schools
This carefully documented costs and benefits study by Gregory Kats conclusively demonstrates the financial, environmental, and other benefits of using green technologies in schools.

Myths About Energy in Schools (from DOE)

National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities
NCEF’s High Performance School Buildings Resource List covers planning, design, financing, construction, and the operation and maintenance of school facilities.

Curriculum & Action Plans

USGBC K-12 Curriculum and Programs

Blueprint for a Green School – Curriculum Library
Curriculum reviewed by Center for Environmental Education staff that includes assessment based on the North American Association for Environmental Education Guidelines for Excellence which includes national academic standards and benchmarks.
Encourage student-led action in energy conservation and applications of renewable energy.

Earth Day Network – Green Your School Guide
Science-based and standards- aligned Lesson Plans for green schools, Student Action Plans, and Background Documents.

Green Schools Initiative – Sustainable Curricula Directory