Biophilic Design: The Future of Ecological Sustainability is Tied to Human Wellness

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In partnership with the St. Louis Zoo & Missouri Botanical Garden

Optimizing the environmental impact of artifacts, buildings and planned spaces is a predominant focus of traditional green design. A primary goal of this approach is to minimize the amount of resources that are used as well as the amount of waste resulting from the process. This approach has certainly produced significantly more efficient outcomes, but has also produced mixed results in terms of human wellness and aesthetic considerations. As green design continues to evolve, the desire to create spaces that enhance human wellness is taking upon a more substantial role.

The concept of Biophilic Design (coined and popularized by Stephen R. Kellert) proposes that the human relationship with nature is much more than an accounting system for resource inputs and outputs. The Biophilia Hypothesis (coined by EO Wilson) proposes that there is an evolutionary benefit to connecting with nature in multiple levels, which can include aesthetic, spiritual, and scientific. Extensive empirical research shows that the features of built spaces have significant impacts in multiple areas of human development and wellness. It also shows that a building can be environmentally efficient yet still have negative impacts in terms of human wellness.

This lecture will define Biophilic Design, describe its key features, and present illustrations of how architects and designers have integrated sustainability and human wellness successfully.


Adrian Cerezo Caballero,
Associate Director for
Conservation Education Research
at Saint Louis Zoo.

Submitted for approval of 1 GBCI CE Hour and 1 AIA LU/HSW


Tuesday, February 11, 2014
5:30-6:15 pm – Registration & Networking
6:15-7:30 pm – Formal Presentation

Alberici Headquarters, 8800 Page (63114) map

Free to USGBC-MGC, Missouri Botanical Garden and St. Louis Zoo Members as well as  full time students; $20 for Non-members

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