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Congratulations to the Chapter Members, who represented their companies in winning the Heroes of the Planet Awards, presented by the Missouri Botanical Garden and the St. Louis Business Journal.

Chapter member, Randall Lewis, of Walsh & Associates, helped save his company approximately 85% on electric costs by installing a 100 kilowatt solar-panel array atop the warehouse. However, not all sustainability initiatives were as elaborate as installing solar panels.  Other newly adopted practices include putting in new HVAC units, installing a skylight, swapping out inefficient lighting fixtures, and recycling.

Chapter members, Marc Lopata and Rick Hunter, of Microgrid Energy, continue to attract some of St. Louis’ largest companies as clients in the energy efficiency realm. Last year, Microgrid Energy saved Busch Stadium $500,000 through energy efficiencies.  One of their major accomplishments is the facilitation of nontraditional partnerships between corporations and non-profit organizations, such one involving the Missouri Botanical Garden and Express Scripts.

Chapter member, Megan Ridgeway, of Arcturis, lies at the heart of the companies’ sustainability efforts, through the organization called the Green Team.  Arcturis’ Green Team has designed a workplace that reflects its sustainability efforts, as well as promoting employee education activities, lectures & luncheons, and community events, all focused on sustainability. The Arcturis building has also achieved LEED sliver certification for its office space.

Chapter member, Bill Carson, of McCormack Baron Salazar, educates residents in low income communities on how to promote green living. McCormack Baron Salazar builds sustainable urban housing, which are certified green, while going one step further and educating its residents on green living practices, such as unplugging things when not in use and conserving water. Carson states, “Unless our residents understand sustainability, then it won’t actually last over the long run.”

Congratulations to all the Heroes of the Planet!


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