Member in the News

USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter member Richard Ockers of Laclede Gas Company has recently been featured in an article of the St. Louis Beacon.

In this article Ockers discusses Laclede Gas’ compressed natural gas (CNG) pump, which is priced at $1.89, well below the typical gasoline fuel cost! There is hope that more CNG pumps will emerge once this concept begins to catch on with the public.  But Ockers suggests that this will only happen when company fleets and corporate vehicles, who can afford the costs, make the conversions. CNG vehicles are largely created as conversions, but currently with the high costs it is likely that it will be a few years before the public catches on. Despite the initial costs, professionals estimate that we will see much more interest in this ‘go green’ concept than in the past.

To read the full article and more about the CNG pump click here.

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