Preference will be given to proposals that address: Climate Solutions - Action Beyond Commitments, Health & Wellbeing, and Equity & Inclusion. Submit your proposal by Aug 17! Missouri Green Schools is a joint program of Missouri Environmental Education Association and USGBC-MGC to help schools improve health, reduce environmental impact, and develop a culture of sustainability. Four AmeriCorp VISTAs are sought to help build and launch the program during the upcoming school year. We're excited to announce the winners and celebrate participants of the 2019-20 Green Schools Quest! A congregation, non-profit, or participant in the St. Louis Green Business Challenge? We’re here to help your building save energy and you save money. Join today! Join the creator of a number of forward-thinking certifications and initiatives related to the built environment – including the Living Building Challenge, Declare Label, and JUST program. Become a Benchmarking Mentor, a Speaker, a Green Shadow Mentor, or participate in the development of our Committee work. We need members like you!